Books I’ve bought in the first half of 2021 but haven’t read

Taichi Kato


  • The Rebel by Albert Camus
  • Demian by Herman Hesse
  • The Death of Ivan Llychi by Leo Tolstoy
  • Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis
  • How to avoid a climate disaster (hardcover) by Bill Gates
  • The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu
  • Essays in the Philosophy of Art by R.G. Collingwood
  • Altered States by James Hughes
  • A course in Linear Algebra by Damiano & Little
  • Introduction to Applied Mathematics by Genin and Maybee
  • Magirtte by Ottinger
  • Thinking, Fast, and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
  • The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
  • Principles of Economics