#codeForCorona: The End

Taichi Kato


#codeForCorona: The End

#CodeForCorona Group Our faces when we see the 86% satisfaction rate :)

EDIT: we were featured in an article by the Straits Times. Check it out!

Thank you to our participants, judges, and sponsors — #codeForCorona is officially over!

Over the weekend, more than 200 students competed to build solutions to the problems that we face as a result of COVID. Judges reviewed projects from over 50 teams.

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We were really impressed by the projects we saw. Our participants’ creativity and dedication continues to inspire. Teams built a variety of things, from coronavirus-themed games, to heat-maps for congestion tracking, to volunteer platforms.

A big congratulations to FakeNewsBuster for coming first place — their problem is an important one, and the amount they built in such a short time is impressive. Hercules came second place, with a congestion tracker built by a solo participant. In third place, we have a wonderfully fun and informative COVID game with Corona in a Box.

All of the winners will receive support from the sponsors, as well as certificates, as their prize!

To all the other teams, we have a little surprise for you. The judges have kindly agreed to extend their support to any other teams that want to take their projects further. The judging panel includes the Singapore government, as well as several people involved in the startup industry in Singapore and Europe. Reach out to us if this interests you :)

Needless to say, we hope #codeForCorona was a one-time event.

Take care!

Love, The #codeForCorona Team ❤️


  1. FakeNewsBuster
  2. Hercules
  3. Corona in a Box

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Sponsors and Judges

Sponsors: National Youth Council, Reactor Industries, SG Strong Fund, Questo AI, TechForShe, and Social Impact Catalyst.

Judges: Eugene Yeo, Zhilin Sim, Mei Hui Phoon, and Cher Han Lee

Organising Team

Taichi Kato: Chief Animal Crossing Player

Arya Vohra: Head of Jazz Entertainment

Khush Jammu: Different Strokes for Different Folks™

Aryaman Singh: Head of CS:GO

Samir Khanna: See Sachin Khanna

Aryan Saju: Deputy Physicist from Ithica, NY

Dhruv Goswami: Food Consumer (pun intended)

Sachin Khanna: See Samir Khanna